by Laughter Brothers

A mothers view is very well portrayed in this blog. Do read it with the next post “Ten Things I Learnt from my Dad” by @Carley,

The Renegade Rulebook

(In no particular order of importance!)

1. Take pride in being a STRONG woman:
I come from a family of strong women. In my eyes, my own mother is the definition of a strong woman. We are living in a world that associates being a strong woman with words like “dyke” and “bitch”. Excuse my language, I try to keep it clean on my blog unless it pertains directly to what I’m writing, and in this case, it does. I feel compelled to express the concern I had when I dove into the teaching profession head first, and was quickly acquainted with the enormity of negative synonyms for the word “woman” my students could come up with on their own. If we don’t start broadcasting that being a strong woman means forming opinions, having a voice, and thinking critically, we are facing the loss of brilliant minds. Instead of putting…

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