by Laughter Brothers

Reblogging another interesting post from findingravity….teenage is the age for experimenting and understanding and fine tuning… REad on…

The Renegade Rulebook

Dear Modern Day Teenagers of 2012,

Listen up. I made it through, and so will you. I have a few matters I’d like to discuss with you, but it is out of respect and compassion that I am bringing these matters to the surface. I will deliver this “tough love” with all the sincerity, understanding, and honesty I can muster. I will try to be gentle when I can, I will always be kind, but I will never lie to you. I am here because I was once one of you. I feel you. I get it.  I wish somebody on the outside had taken the time to sit down with me and explain some of these things to me. We have a few issues to discuss. Have a seat.

First of all, unclench. I’m not your principal, your guidance counselor, or either of your parents. I bet it feels…

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