Awarding thyself

by Laughter Brothers


Thanks to  Rakhi for giving me this award. Though i know this award is meant for Internet circulation only and in the real world it has limited value, still it feels great to be getting something and sharing it out here. Thanks Rakhi, you did make my day. Nothing wrong in imagining getting some award and may be work hard and get one in the respective  fields that we all work in, right?

People she’s a lovely budding poet…do check her blog Rakhioverhere

My blogging journey started in 2006, trying to experiment. Other priorities kept me busy while i used to peep into the blogging world once in a while. It’s been nice being here whenever time permits and have got some good friends across the world.

A small piece of advice for fellow bloggers. I’m a true Indian you see, giving free advices is our birth right. Quite often than not, we rush though life, and react to all its mysterious callings, and somewhere down the lane realize it was actually the past journey which was supposed to be enjoyed and not the present destination. Fortunately, none of the destinations are final, one has to go on conquering. Enjoy conquering!

To keep this award going, i would like to award the following sweet people:


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♥ Happy Blogging!!!