Today & Tomorrow

by Laughter Brothers

A few years ago, privacy issues were of concern to only the rich and famous; celebrities and the like..the-worst-thing-about-being-famous-is-the-invasion-of-your-privacy-quote-1

Sooner than expected, the rise of alternate / social media happened. Privacy of common man was at risk to international marketing giants armed with their Big data Analysts. A process of using machines and human minds to understand large volumes of information  and make more useful results.  Good & Bad.

This was followed by  a huge number of scared individuals, pressing  for a good privacy policy laws.  im-afraid-people-can-see-me-through-my-web-cam-even-though-its-off-quote-1

Marketing teams, terrorists, hackers of all sorts continue to mine data for money or a similar gain. Unfortunately money dictates terms today and is considered above all, even human life and spirit.

Tomorrow, things shall change for better.