Use Anger…


Anger is an heightened energy state just like most other emotions.

So it can potentially be used for constructive purpose too.

Haven’t you noticed Angry young hero’s of bollywood making it big.

Even in your own life, you would have noticed if someone challenged or angered us into something we somehow learn better to prove them wrong. In the process we make progress.  Anger Motivates…

In a relationship, anger helps to let the other person know that their act is not welcome and repeating it shall lead to unpleasant consequences. Anger helps relationships.. Its however another thing to remain in control when angry too.


Angry workers asking for something get it faster than someone who asks in a sober, calm way. Anger gets you things..

Soon after being angry a person sees into himself if he’s right. Anger helps introspection

Having said that, some amount of anger propels a person further while higher amounts can burn the person himself. Never value anger against someone to the extent of holding a grudge. Forgive them to free yourself, and remember the lesson.f2ee39c468b8176eb5f0446dec3d15bd